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DUI Lawyer St. George

DUI Lawyer St. George

Here in the State of Utah, allegations of driving under the influence (DUI) are serious. If a person is apprehended for DUI, he or she may be subjected to field sobriety and breathalyzer tests by the police officers; blood alcohol tests may also be conducted whenever necessary.

witt-blog-3Should the person be found exceeding blood alcohol limit and is deemed to be driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol, a police report will be filed. This will reflect the person’s official records. In some cases, the driver’s license may also be suspended or revoked after its confiscation by the apprehending law enforcement officers.

Prison time is a common penalty for those caught driving under the influence. The offender may also be required to pay the corresponding fine as well as other charges. In addition, he or she may also be required to attend a mandatory alcohol and drug education program.

Also, as a result of the conviction, the offender will have to suffer, as a consequence, an increase in auto insurance.

For the first conviction, the offender will usually be left off as a warning. However, there are many instances when the judge would impose the penalty of imprisonment along with a fine. There is also the mandatory suspension of the driver’s license and the required attendance to a DUI school.

For second-time offenders, the judge will usually impose mandatory imprisonment for a certain period, depending upon the circumstances of the case. In the alternative, there is community service. Of course, the offender will have to pay a fine in an amount fixed by the court. Also, there will be a revocation of the driver’s license for up to a year.

Harsher penalties are to be expected for people caught and convicted for driving under the influence for the third time. At the minimum, the offender will have to suffer imprisonment for months to a year. The amount of the fine shall be considerably greater than the past amounts fixed by the court. The period of driver’s license revocation will also be much longer.

Common to all convictions are fined and fees for bail, storage, and towing. There are also DMV reinstatement fees as well as payment for DUI education classes. As mentioned above, car insurance premiums will also have corresponding increases per conviction.

With all these serious consequences, it is imperative that you seek a DUI, a lawyer. Even if you know the law or familiar with the legal processes involved, you will still need legal representation because “a man who is his lawyer has a fool for a client.”

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