We want to help you. Witt Law Offices has been serving Utah for the past 25 years. We believe in helping our own. We can help you with the process of getting the results you are looking for. Witt Law, is YOUR full-service law firm. Specializing as criminal defense attorney, divorce attorney, and personal injury attorney. Look no further than right here, for the highest quality lawyer St. George has to offer.

Witt Law Offices will help you, because YOU are what is at stake. When it comes to a criminal defense attorney, Witt Law is who you want. We can help you represent yourself in any matter from; a DUI, domestic violence, or burglary. Most accused who are represented by an experienced criminal defense attorney will end up with much better results. Witt has the experience to get you the help you need in your case.

Each person is different each marriage is different. Don’t use a basic form found online to file for something as personal as a divorce. With the help of experienced legal counsel, Witt Law Offices can provide you the personal representation of a divorce attorney. Divorces can be complex and we want to help you with the many aspects that come into play when thinking of divorce; separation agreements, custody and the best interest of your children, visitation, the division of debt and property, etc… During one of the most trying times of your life we don’t want to leave you alone.

Personal injury, is just that, personal. We don’t want you to go up against large insurance companies who have their own teams of legal advice. Witt Law Offices can protect you from being swept under the rug. Providing help with auto accident victims in Utah, as a no-fault state we will get you the help to recover the losses for damage to your property, medical bills and even wage losses.

Witt Law Offices can help you with more than just auto accidents. We can help protect you after bike accidents, dog bites, brain injury, and wrongful death. An accident needs the attention, there are unique aspects to each case and often require hiring experts to prove fault. You want a law firm with the necessary experts contacts and resources to pursue your case.

But, we are not limited to just helping you with things that have happened, we want to help you with your future as well. The Witt Law Offices have a variety of areas of practice. We can help you in many aspects of your life. Contact us today and we will take care of you.

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