Arrested and facing legal troubles? Witt Law Can Help.

If you find yourself on the wrong side of legal proceedings, whether the charges involve a felony or a misdemeanor, you need the best representation southern Utah has to offer.

At Witt Law, our firm has a reputation for providing a vigorous and thorough defense for our clients. We believe in your innocence and will diligently ensure you aren’t wrongfully convicted.

With decades of experience, Witt Law has achieved positive outcomes in criminal defense cases for thousands of clients and we can do the same for you.

When being charged with a crime, you need the confidence and devotion of a competent criminal defense lawyer. Regardless of the charge, you want the backing of a loyal and experienced attorney.

We are committed to our clients and want to make sure that the punishment for the crime is as minimal as possible and in most cases to achieve an acquittal. We are determined to clear your name.


The typical, law-abiding citizen doesn’t deserve jail time or serious punishment. We hope to avoid driver’s license suspension, reduce charges, avoid jail, and reduce fines. We will review the evidence and will represent you in the courtroom.


Being a well established and long time firm in the southern Utah area, we are prepared to handle cases from petty theft to armed robbery. Because these crimes range in seriousness and punishment it is important to know how to handle each situation case-by-case basis. Regardless of what theft crime you have been charged with we will help you.


In many situations, aggravated assault charges are those of self-defense that were taken too far. Aggravated assault is usually a felony and a charge that is often misunderstood. The charges can be very severe for the crime, and the need for a lawyer is imperative.

Sex Crimes

The penalties of a sex crime are severe and can mean a life in prison depending on the charge and case. We take sex crimes very seriously and want to protect you from being punished for a crime you didn’t commit. It takes only one person to accuse someone of something as serious as rape or molestation. It is easy to find fault and side with the prosecution, even without evidence, which is why one should have a reliable criminal defense lawyer.


With the recent trend of decriminalizing drug possession and use throughout the United States, it can be difficult to know what is legal in Utah. If you are caught with drugs, there is a range of punishments determined by the quantity and purpose of your possession. In Utah, most of these drug offenses are still felonies, which need to be handled by someone experienced. We will help.

Adult & Juvenile Cases

There is a great deal of difference in the legal issues surrounding the defense of juveniles when compared to the defense of adults. Witt Law has experience handling both juvenile and adult criminal defense cases and will put that experience to use for you and your loved ones.

Other Felonies & Misdemeanors

The law treats misdemeanors and felonies differently. A misdemeanor is generally a crime that is punishable for up to a year or less in prison or jail. Being convicted of a felony versus a misdemeanor can have serious consequences. The penalties aren’t just longer jail times, but the penalty can have lasting effects on your employment, family, and future.

We have experience handling cases involving:

▪ Speeding
▪ Harassment
▪ Drugs
▪ Possession
▪ Distribution
▪ Open Container
▪ Felony DUI
▪ Violent Crimes
▪ Domestic violence
▪ Assault
▪ Battery
▪ False imprisonment
▪ Kidnapping
▪ Sex Offenses
▪ Child molestation or abuse
▪ Sexual abuse
▪ Rape
▪ Solicitation
▪ Theft
▪ Shoplifting
▪ Auto theft
▪ Robbery
▪ Burglary
▪ Embezzlement
▪ Deceptive Practices

Because of what is at stake, no person should attempt to represent themselves in a criminal setting, except for perhaps minor traffic violations. Virtually any accused whom is represented by an experienced criminal defense lawyer will end up with a much better result than had that person tried to handle it on their own