Resolve Disputes Through Mediation.

Witt Law provides professional mediator services for personal injury, family law and many other civil disputes.

It has been shown that disputes resolved with the assistance of an effective mediator last much longer and more amicably than disputes decided by the courts – where often there is a winner and a loser.  In properly mediated disputes, both parties can claim victory and reach a resolution and is often much better than a trial verdict.

Marshall Witt Will Fairly Moderate Your Dispute.

Mr. Witt has participated in and successfully resolved hundreds of disputes over the past 25 years through mediation.  For many years he has been sought by those who know him to mediate family, community and civil disputes.  People who know Marshall trust him as a mediator because he is fair, unbiased and straightforward.  He seeks to understand the many facets of a dispute and the underlying interests of the parties to help them craft an effective and lasting resolution to their dispute.

Mr. Witt also holds a Certificate of Training from the Utah Court-Approved Mediation Training.  Please call him today at Witt Law to schedule a mediation of your personal injury, family law, landlord/tenant or other civil dispute.  Parties can attend either with or without their attorneys. By mentioning this website or another of our ads,  Mr. Witt’s mediator services can be booked at the discounted rate of $150 per hour.