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At Witt Law, we have been successfully handling accident and injury cases for over 30 years.  We have represented thousands of clients against virtually all the insurance companies in Utah and many other states.

The sooner you call us … the sooner we can get started.  We will help you with your PIP (Personal Injury Protection) claim, property damage claim, bodily injury claim, and if applicable, your uninsured or underinsured claim.  We don’t get paid unless and until we settle your case and you get paid!

Auto Accidents

We handle single, double and multiple car accidents.  So long as you meet the damage threshold requirement and are less than 50% at fault, we can help.

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Motorcycle Accidents

Auto-motorcycle or truck-motorcycle accidents can often be very traumatic, cause permanent injuries or even be fatal.  The initial medical bills will usually be covered by the automobile’s PIP (Personal Injury Protection) coverage.

Got Hit? … Get Witt!

Pedestrian Accidents

Auto-pedestrian cases are also often traumatic.  Proving the cause can sometimes be a challenge because the issue of comparative fault is often raised.  You will need an experienced personal injury attorney to get the compensation you deserve.

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Bicycle Accidents

Due to the unique nature of bicycle accidents, it is important to call an attorney early. Key evidence needed for proper investigation is often lost or destroyed, so the earlier your attorneys can get started the better.

Where the claim involves a minor, as part of the resolution we also handle court approval of the claim and the appointment of a conservator of the minor’s estate. The conservator is usually a parent.

Got Hit? … Get Witt!

Dog Bites

Dog owners in Utah are strictly liable for personal injury damages as a result of their dog biting a person. The owner’s homeowners’ insurance will cover these damages in many cases. Please call us if you, a family member or friend is a victim of a dog bite.

Wrongful Death

When someone dies unexpectedly due to the fault of another, family and friends ask “why?” “How did this happen?” Due to the severity of the case, what is at stake and the potential number of survivors, hiring seasoned attorneys who handle wrongful death claims is a must.

Slip And Fall

Also referred to as premises liability, these accidents can occur indoors or outdoors. Landowners have a duty to take reasonable steps to make their premises safe for people they either invite or expect to be on their property. Failure to do so exposes them to liability. Slip and fall cases are typically aggressively defended by landowners and their insurers, so it is very important to retain an experienced personal injury attorney to represent you.

Traumatic Brain Injuries

Marshall Witt has been a member of The Brain Injury Alliance of Utah (formerly Brain Injury Association of Utah) since 1995. He has successfully handled many traumatic brain injury cases resulting from auto accidents, near-drowning, slip and falls, premises liability (e.g., carbon monoxide poisoning) assaults, and sporting events. With each case, Mr. Witt puts together a medical-legal brain trauma team tailored to the unique needs of the case.

Product Liability

We have successfully handled many product liability claims over the years, including defective food, drugs, beverages, tools, toys, equipment, tires, brakes, seat belts and other vehicle components. If you, a friend or family member has been injured due to what you believe was a defectively designed or manufactured product, or you were not warned of the danger it presented, please give WITT LAW OFFICES a call today. We can help.

Bus/Train/Truck Accidents

Bus accidents typically involve a governmental entity as the owner of the bus, which poses unique deadlines and time frames within which claims can be successfully pursued. There are many unique aspects to train and semi-truck accidents which often need to be more fully investigated than an ordinary auto accident. Call Witt Law Offices early so we can get the right people to the scene and the vehicles thoroughly investigated before the evidence is gone, lost, or destroyed. Commercial vehicles have larger policy limits, but successfully getting them to pay requires hiring the right law firm.